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My new book

Below is one chapter from my new e-book that you can find on Amazon Holidays, rituals, routine We are what we repeatedly do Aristotle Ten-year-old “G” with his mother came to my office for the first time. The family was … Continue reading

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Social networking sites safety tips for teens

Dear parents, I’M ABSOLUTELY SURE THAT YOUR TEENAGERS ARE AWARE OF THESE SAFETY ASPECTS. NEVERTHELESS, REMIND THEM ONE MORE TIME. From Federal Trade Commission (FTP) website: Your Safety’s at Stake The FTC suggests these tips for socializing safely online: … Continue reading

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Energy Drinks Pose Serious Health Risks for Young People

For those who consume Energy drinks, who’s kids do or might do it in future.I am very glad that we started looking at it seriously.     MY News Author: Emma Hitt, PhD February 16, 2011 — A lack of research and … Continue reading

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Social Media Confuses, Concerns Parents

As many of you know I spend a lot of time discussing the issues of TV, computer, cell phone use by our children. Below is short version of article published in “Pediatric news”. Different opinions are reviewed. Decide for yourself… … Continue reading

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TV cont’d

Television has done much for psychiatry by spreading information about it, as well as contributing to the need for it.                                                                                             Alfred Hitchcock Have you ever heard of “second-hand TV viewing”? You probably haven’t because I made it up. We … Continue reading

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Who even needs these physicals?

 “The trouble with being a parent is that by the time you are experienced, you are unemployed.“                                                                                 Unknown It was many years ago. I didn’t have my own practice yet and worked for another doctor.   One day I entered … Continue reading

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Do you really believe in Vitamins?

Some of you have heard about my unfortunate vacation last year. While entering the hotel, I slipped on the wet floor and broke my arm. “Why me?!” is the first question a person asks when something unpleasant happens to him … Continue reading

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